“The sun has got his hat on….”

Edinburgh in the sun is a beautiful thing. People cast off their winter woolies and expose their pale skin to the big orange ball in the sky, even in March.

Whilst out in Edinburgh this weekend, I took some photographs to show my city in a better light. Enjoy!


This is Edinburgh Castle from the South (rear) side and includes the windows for the Great Hall.



And this is the magnificent North side of Charlotte Square in the New Town, designed by Robert Adam at the end of the 18th Century to James Craig’s original plan of 1766. It includes…


Bute House, the Official Residence of Scotland’s First Minister. So it is our White House or 10 Downing Street….



This is the Grassmarket, which is an area to the south of Edinburgh Castle. Very historical, though most people on this day are more interested in the Saturday Market or in getting a seat outside the many bars and restaurants there. Very Continental.

And now, some photographs showing The West Bow, Victoria Terrace and Victoria Street





Notice that people will find ingenious places to stop for a drink or some food as long as the sun is out!



And finally I though I’d show you Anchor’s Close, just a minutes walk from the the throng in Victoria Street and Victoria Terrace. The high rise properties mean the sun does not penetrate to the lower floors of these tenements in Edinburgh’s medieval Old Town. Therefore, there is no one around this very atmospheric alleyway.


I hope you enjoyed these photographs. You can see these sights (and many, many more) on a guided walk with Edinburgh Walks. Just get in touch by going to www.edinburghwalks.com and going to the contact page. Or just email [email protected] for more information.